RedLine has the gun drills for your firearm manufacturing needs. Whether you’re drilling into a barrel and need a deep hole drilling lathe or a straight flute drill, we have the American-made tools that ensure the highest possible performance.

Gun Drilling for Firearm Manufacturing

Gun drilling is a deep-hole drilling technique that requires accuracy and precision. This drilling method requires the machine operator to pierce a long, straight hole into workpieces such as a barrel of a gun — a process that requires dependable tools. Our gun drills have a flute cutting edge with a single coolant hole and allow for easy chip removal.

Reliable Performance

We offer a variety of flute drills that will create a precise, steady hole for your gun drilling needs. We also have high-performance machine coolants and cutting oils available to make your job easier. However you use our tools, we are here to help you find a solution that meets your high standards.