The energy industry is all about maximizing efficiency — from power plant equipment to daily operations, the goal is nearly always to reduce downtime and maximize energy production. One of the most important areas that demands efficiency is equipment upkeep and power plant maintenance. Whether you need to keep an oil rig up and running or your wind turbines turning, there is a constant need for maintenance and upkeep. It takes reliable, well-built tools to keep your operations moving and your company profitable. Redline Tools is here to serve as your supplier for the tools that your company relies on.

Solve Unique Worksite Challenges

We pride ourselves on providing a massive selection of over 29,000 tools. Our wide selection means that you can find exactly what you need, whether you’re dealing with an unexpected repair or wind turbine manufacturing challenge. From metalworking lubricants to hydraulic sleeves, our inventory is diverse enough to serve as a valuable resource for those in the energy industry. When something goes wrong, Redline Tools provides the peace of mind to know that you will always have the right tool for the job just a few clicks away.

Expect Precision and Quality

We build our tools to a higher standard. Every Redline Tool is designed and built in the USA, so you know exactly where your product is coming from. We source high-quality materials such as carbide and cobalt for our tools, because we know that the work in the energy industry demands tools that are built to last. What’s more, our tools are designed with precision. Whatever your application, our tools will allow you to drill and cut at tight tolerances, ensuring more predictable outcomes and more reliable service for your customers.

Our Team is By Your Side

If you ever have any questions about our product selection, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. Our goal is to help you source some of the best tools on the market as quickly and easily as possible. Many of our customers have built a standing partnership with Redline, as they know that we are available to help them meet some of the most demanding energy industry challenges with the right tools for the job. Ready to learn more? Browse our massive tool selection to find a product that best suits your application.