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Double Angle Cutters

Double Angle Cutters are an extremely versatile milling tool capable of performing thread milling, chamfering, back chamfering, machining V-grooves, deburring and countersinking. We offer 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° and 120° double angle cutters that are either uncoated or AlTiN coated. These cutters are Proudly Made in the USA from High-Quality Carbide.

RedLine Tools Double Angle Cutters with a 60° angle can create internal and external 60° Unified National (UN) and metric threads. For our double angle chamfer milling cutter, the angle of the top or bottom of the cutting face (double cutter angle/2) will determine the chamfer angle. Similarly, a back chamfer will be the same process but allows you to chamfer underneath the part.

We also offer tools capable of machining V-grooves, deburring and countersinking. Machining V-grooves is very effective with a double angle cutter because the cutting head is perpendicular to the tool centerline. Deburring is an easy process with a double angle cutter and can be performed easily within the CNC machine. Countersinking is performed by using the bottom cutting face of the double angle cutter.

Browse our double angle carbide cutters below and find the tool that fits your needs.

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Double Angle Cutters