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High-Performance and General Purpose Carbide End Mills

Our incredible assortment of end mills allows you to select the best tool for your current project. Whether you need high-performance or general purpose carbide end mills or high speed steel (HSS), we have the quality tools you expect from our industry-leading product offering.

We have the widest selection of end mill types and sizes available. Our tools are available in a range of coatings—AlTiN, AlTiNX, TiAlNX, AlCrN, and ZrN—to provide the best performance in a wide variety of material groups. RedLine Tools’ end mills are proudly made in the USA.

If you’re looking for an end mill that can handle high speeds and extreme temperatures, our selection of carbide end mills provides you with the perfect option. Our wide offering of end mills encompass all types of applications, from face milling, roughing to finish profiling to dynamic milling or high efficiency machining (HEM).

Using your existing mill, lathe or swiss machines you can benefit from a precision-cutting tool that provides the best finishes and repeatable performance while minimizing chatter and deflection.

To meet the exact specifications of your projects, regardless of the speed or feed rate of your machine, browse our collection of end mills, which includes carbide and HSS, variable helix and index, roughing, finishing and micro end mills.

Carbide, Roughing and HSS End Mills Catalog

View our end mill catalog, which includes carbide, roughing, HSS, variable helix and index, finishing and micro end mills.

With more than 29,000 products offered, RedLine Tools has the inventory to match your tool needs, including a comprehensive range of end mills. Whether you require just one tool or a complete package, our quality products are available at competitive prices.

Our Selection of End Mills