Machine shops and mechanics see an extremely diverse range of mechanical issues on a countless number of different vehicles, machines, and automated systems. Because of this wide variety of extremely specific needs, RedLine Tools provides the best selection of machine shop cutting tools in the industry.

Our Assortment of Machine Shop Cutting Tools

RedLine is here to assist machine shops with a wide variety of products. We can equip your team with the tools they need to be reliable for your customers. A partnership with RedLine means you’ll have a vast amount of options for supplying your hard-working machinists and engineers. Check out our product offering and let us help you optimize your machines performance.

Regardless of the cutting, threading, or boring requirements of your application, you’ll find the perfect coated or uncoated tool, cutting fluid or toolholder to make your shop more competitive. Our extensive length and coating options provide you with optimum performance and reduced wear and tear, offering longer life and reduced costs over time. Browse our extensive assortment of American-made products to find the right tools for your shop.