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Carbide Chamfer Tools and Countersinks

Need to chamfer a hole or finish an edge? RedLine Tools has an extensive offering of chamfer tools and angle cutters to help you get the job done right the first time. 

Proudly made in the USA and manufactured from solid tungsten carbide, our selection is available both coated and uncoated. RedLine’s selection of countersinks and carbide chamfer mills are hard and durable enough to remain sharp and effective when high repeatability and output is required.

We offer HSS and carbide countersinks for hole finishing as well as a complete selection of combined drill countersinks to meet your specific project requirements. If you are finishing an edge, our carbide chamfer tools including mills, edge breakers, Angle Cutters or Double Angle Cutters provide the accurate cuts you need every time.

Find the right chamfer tool when you browse our selection of American Made RedLine Tools. To do so, simply view the tools below, or use the categories along the left side of the page. Sort through chamfer tools by type, length, shank diameter, and more.

To view our Carbide Chamfer Mills catalog section, CLICK HERE.

To view our Countersinks catalog section, CLICK HERE.

To view our Edge Breakers catalog section, CLICK HERE.

Carbide Chamfer Tools and Countersinks