The aerospace and aviation industries have a variety of unique drilling and cutting needs. Beyond simply providing precision, these industries require a superior standard of quality concerning all parts, tools, and materials used. As such, RedLine Tools provides the selection of National Aerospace Standard (NAS 907) aircraft drill bits and tools to provide the superior performance required for use in aircraft assembly and maintenance.

Aircraft Extension Drills & Other Specialty Tools

Aerospace applications also require unique tool lengths when compared to automotive or machine production. To accommodate the needs of aerospace mechanics and manufacturers, we carry an assortment of aircraft extension drills and other specialty tools. Our tools are available in a variety of coatings, as well as uncoated, allowing you to work accurately and effectively with different material types in both portable and fixed applications.

Cobalt Aircraft Extension Drill Bits

The aerospace industry demands tough materials that can excel in extreme conditions. Every part of an aircraft needs to be exceptionally sturdy to ensure top performance. And the best way to drill through these tough to machine parts is with cobalt aircraft extension drills.

Our cobalt aircraft extension drill bits are particularly well-adapted to the high temperatures created by cutting through hard metals such as stainless steel, making them ideal for the aerospace industry.

Browse our selection of cobalt drills to find the long-lasting, high-performance aircraft drill bits you need.