In every medical discipline, precision is an expectation. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals rely on well-built equipment to care for patients. If you’re manufacturing these products, there is no room for error in design. Our selection of medical toolholders and micro drills will provide reliable performance for a wide range of applications. Our tools are American-made and durable, adding predictability to medical equipment manufacturing.

High-Performance Medical Micro Drills

When you need to ensure accuracy in production, our micro dills provide the precision it takes to get the job done right. These high-performance micro drills are tough and will reduce reverberation, ensuring reliable performance you can count on. The flute design also stabilizes the drill for more accurate holes. We carry a variety of micro drills that will help you work more safely and effectively.

CNC Milling Medical Toolholders

Stability is key to effective drilling, so our products are designed to help you eliminate production mistakes. Our medical tool holders provide the critical link between the cutting tool and the CNC machine. The spindle in the machine cannot vibrate, especially when accuracy is an expectation. Improve stability by browsing our selection of CNC milling medical toolholders. These products include CAT40 and CAT50 collet chucks, hydraulic chucks, end mill holders, tap holders and more for your CNC milling needs.