Carbide rotary burs are used for cutting, shaping, and grinding materials in a process called deburring. They are versatile tools and can be used on many different materials including carbon and stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and plastics. They are often used in hand tools and milling machines depending on the application. RedLine Tools offers a wide range of styles of carbide burs for any application. All RedLine Tools are Proudly made in the USA.
Advantages of Carbide Burs over HSS.

  • Longer tool life.
  • Can be used as a production tool.
  • Heavy stock removal.
  • Can resist higher temperatures.

Burs are separated into two cut types; single cut and double cut.

Single Cut – These burs have a single, right-handed flute. They are used on harder metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, cast iron and will remove material quickly.

Double Cut – sometimes referred to as Diamond Cut or Cross Cut, have two flutes that cross each other. They produce smaller chips than single cut and leave a smooth finish suitable for medium to light material removal for softer materials like aluminum and plastics. Applications include deburring, fine finishing, and cleaning.

Aluminum Application - Designed for optimal cutting of aluminum. Provides fast cutting without chip loading.

Burs come in various shapes for different applications. See our full selection below.

SA - Cylindrical Plain End

For contour finish application.

SA - Single Cut

SA - Double Cut

SA - Aluminum Application

SB - Cylindrical w/ End Cut

For contour finish and right angle applications.

SB - Single Cut

SB - Double Cut

SC - Cylindrical Ball Nose

For contour finish and circular arc surface applications.

SC - Single Cut

SC - Double Cut

SD - Ball

For rounded edge, end deburring, pre-machining before welding applications.

SD - Single Cut

SD - Double Cut

SD - Aluminum Application

SE - Egg Shape

For rounded edge application and end milling.

SE - Single Cut

SE - Double Cut

SE - Aluminum Application

SF - Round Nose Tree Shape 

For rounded edges around narrow places.

SF - Single Cut

SF - Double Cut

SF - Aluminum Application

SG - Pointed Tree Shape

For multi angle contouring and narrow places.

SG - Single Cut

SG - Double Cut

SH - Flame Shape

For round edges and preparation for welding.

SH - Single Cut

SH - Double Cut

SJ - 60° Included Angle

For countersink holes.

SJ - Single Cut

SJ - Double Cut

SK - 90° Included Angle

For countersink holes.

SK - Single Cut

SK - Double Cut

SL - 90° Included Angle with Radius

For enlarging holes and rounding edges.

SL - Single Cut

SL - Double Cut

SL - Aluminum Application

SM - Pointed Cone

For rounding edges and surface finishing in narrow spaces.

SM - Single Cut

SM - Double Cut

SN - Inverted Taper

For v-cuts and rear chamfering.

SN - Single Cut

SN - Double Cut

Bur Speeds and Feeds
Diameter1,500 SFM3,000 SFM
1/845,000 RPM90,000 RPM
1/423,000 RPM45,000 RPM
3/815,000 RPM30,000 RPM
1/211,000 RPM22,000 RPM
3/47,500 RPM15,000 RPM
15,500 RPM10,000 RPM