Chamfer mills are tools that cut a smooth edge into a sharp surface in a mechanized edge profiling (MEP) process. A chamfer cut will make the part stronger and better looking. Traditionally, machinist would remove burrs and sharp edges with hand grinders in a manual process. Today, the process for deburring a workpiece is called mechanized edge profiling (MEP) and chamfer mills are the prime tool for this procedure. These versatile tools can be used for beveling, deburring, countersinking, and spotting.

Creating a perfect drill whole is usually a four step process: spot, drill, flat bottom counterbore and countersink. A chamfer mill can be used for two of these processes. By using a pointed chamfer mill to cut a countersink prior to drilling, two of the processes (spotting and countersinking) can be performed in one step.

By simple adjusting the depth of cut and running parameters this versatile tool can replace several other tools and is an essential tool in every machinist’s arsenal.

RedLine Tools carries both single and double sided solid tungsten carbide chamfer mills with cutting angles of 60° to 120°, either 2 or 4 flute, and uncoated or AlTiN coated.

All RedLine Tools are 100% Made in America.

Single Chamfer Mills

Double Chamfer Mills